jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill

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About 22 days, 520 pills in 1 box (tonifying the kidney) 520 pills in 1 box + 60 alprostone Commodore capsules Treatment in 3 boxes: 65 days Treatment of kidney deficiency and depression: 520 pills in 1 box + 45 pieces of huirenshenbao tablet 520 pill for tonifying kidney deficiency and treating hair loss + dafixin anti hair loss minoxidil liniment 2% * 60ml
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jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill
jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill
jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill
jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill
jiuzhitang liuwei rehmannia pill
Nine Chi Tang
Approval number:
Gyzz z43020145
Package type:
About 22 days dosage: 1 box of 520 pills for tonifying the kidney and treating hair loss 520 pills + dafixin anti hair loss minoxidil liniment 2% * 60ml (about 22 days dosage): 1 box of 520 pills (tonifying the kidney) 1 box of 520 pills + Qianlie comm'an capsule 60 pills course of treatment 3 boxes: can take 65 days to treat kidney deficiency, 1 box of 520 pills + huirenshenbao tablets 45 tablets
manufacturing enterprise:
520 pills * 1 bottle / box
traditional Chinese medicine
Product dosage form:
Oral administration
Usage dose:
8 pills at a time, 3 times a day
General Name of Drug:
Liuwei Dihuang Pill (concentrated pill)
Drug name:
Liuwei Dihuang Pill (concentrated pill)
Term of validity:
36 months
Intended for:
Deficiency of kidney yin, dizziness and tinnitus, weakness of waist and knee, night sweat and spermatorrhea, bone steaming and hot flashes
Dizziness, tinnitus, aching waist and knees, night sweat, bone steaming and hot

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