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Too many results/not enough results
    Too many results:
    If there are too many results for the product you are searching for, you could narrow down your choice by following:
    Refine your search: On the left side of the page, you\\\'ll see a list of refine search options. 

    For example:
    Price: Limit your search to items within a certain price range
    Brand: Choose your favorite brand
    Categories: Choose the kind you are keen.
    And More

    Be more specific:
    If you have a particular color, size, model, or manufacturer in mind, please try. For example, a search for \\\"baby girl clothes 0-1\\\"  instead of \\\"girl clothes\\\".

    Not enough result:
    Please search again using different words or change between Plurals and singular. For example, using \\\"girl clothing\\\" will generate 336 results while \\\"girl clothes\\\" 7,264 and if you use boot to search, you would get 14,571 results while boots 82,874.
    Check your spelling. Ensure that you are using the correct spelling for the product you are seeking for. If there is more than one spelling for a word, try them all.
    Try not to use \\\"and\\\", \\\"or\\\", \\\"not\\\", \\\"-\\\", \\\"/\\\"and \\\"the\\\", as these words influence the result.

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