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How do I pay with credit card?
    When placing your order, select "Visa" or "MasterCard" or "JCB" you wish to pay and it will enter onto a secure payment page. Then simply follow on-line instructions.

    Pay Securely:
    Select the credit card( Visa, Masterard Or JCB ) you want to use, and click "Pay Now ".Once your payment has been approved, your money will be held in Alipay Account or Bank. Payment will only be released toYONIYO after you confirm satisfactory delivery.
    After you've made the payment, click “Back to Order Details” to check the details of your order.
    Now we can support Credit Cards including Visa MasterCard and JCB Card. Sometimes Business Credit Cards will not be paid successfully through Alipay, So you can pay via Private Visa, Private MasterCard.

    About credit card 3D function:
    The so-called 3D validation is the credit card company for customers safe online shopping provides a free service. You can directly through the telephone to your hairpin require to add this service. The service in the Visa card called verified by Visa service., in the Mastercard called Mastercard secure code service., JCB card in the called J/secure service. In fact is also for you in the Internet shopping provide a secure code. In order to make sure that you use the card, I happened to avoid fraud.

    Open VISA 3D verification have two kinds of methods:
    1.Can be directly to the issuing agency to apply for opening, or to the opening of the electric card issuers.
    2.As the VISA card user, you can click here to enter the country's page to apply. Is usually into personal options after choose visa security service, you can apply online for the. Of course you can also use the search engine, such as Google fill into visacard and your country English name for quick search, and then at home visacard page of search engine Google in visa security search. Britain, the United States, Canada, customers can choose directly in your country page to apply, as MASTER card users can click here to enter choose corresponding countries this country page application. Usually find the cardholder service option mastercard secure code service. Of course you can also use the search engine, such as Google fill into mastercard and your country English name for quick search, then in their search engine mastercard page in secure code or safe shopping online direct search, as JCB users can directly into.

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